Friday, June 18, 2010

A Huckleberry of a project

Color mock-up done in Photoshop:
Artwork inked and colored in Illustrator:

Finished image:


Gary Fields said...

Hey Art,
Fun stuff! Was this done for fun or is it a book cover? I only ask 'cause of the edited credit. Are you an animator? You've got that style down! Thanks for the Facebook invite!

ArtF said...

Hiya Gary!
Yea this was done for fun, kinda like a "look what we can do" project. I'm not an animator but I did work on some stuff with John K and got some great training from him. I actually work in logistics and do art stuff on the side. Thank you for the nice compliments and for accepting my friend request :)
Oh, also check out my paper toy site!

Talk to ya soon!

Gary Fields said...

Like your Barracuda logo art. I've also enjoy the mag immensely!! I'e wanted to contribute art, too. Is your friend still publishing it? I haven't seen it in a while...pleeze lemme know!! Thanks!

Gary Fields said...
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ArtF said...

Oops! Sorry Gary. Didn't mean to put your email out there for everyone. I'll send ya Jeff's contact info :)

Gabe's Cartoons said...

That's stunning man. Really happy colours :)I would have joined his nose black ink to his head's outline, but that's just me.