Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miniscule Progress 2

Wacom feeling a little better now. I WILL bend it to my will!!!

I definately need to go back and change some things...definately.


patrick said...

are you sure you're just starting out, those inks are great!

Trevor Thompson said...

I can't get my Wacom to do fucking shit! I apologized to my ink pens the other day for neglecting them.

Speaking of which, I picked up a batch of those awesome brush pens Vince likes to use ( the Staetler Mars Graphic Duo 3000 ) and they were worth every penny! I've gotten so much better at inking just in the last few days playing with them. They make you a better inker if you let them!

Thanks for the friendly comment on my construction, Art. It HAS been an awakening. Like, "Oh, NOW I get it". Looking at my old drawings is torture now because I see every single mistake!

Talk to ya,

- trevor.